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First Weaponry Class!
by maturererthanu (maturererthanu)
at March 20th, 2006 (11:47 am)

current mood: chipper

She skipped into class (on time, I might add), a smile on her face. After a morning bowl of Lucky Charms and the usual morning cartoons, she was ready to start her day. Her eyes quickly scanned the class, noticing a variety of students. However, she didn't yet noticed that there were students she had a Furinkan.

After setting her books down, she grabbed a chalk and wrote her name as high as she could on the chalkboard.

"Hello! My name is Ninomiya Hinako and I will be your weaponry instructor!" she introduced, "I am a very strict teacher! If any of you are bad little boys or girls, you’ll get in very big trouble!"

"If you have any questions, please ask!" she said, "If not, we'll start! For our first class, I'll introduce you to the types of Japanese weaponry!"

She looked around her desk to find a little red button. Hmm, where was it, she asked herself. Ah, there it was and she hit it and all around the room the walls open up to an arena and a large wall full of different kinds of Japanese weapons: naginata, kusarigama, katana, bo, pairs of sai, bisento, tessen (iron fan), shuriken, and MORE!

"Go ahead!  Take one and see how it feels in your hands!"

[Closed - Akane, Shinnosuke only] Getting to Know The Campus
by Akane Tendo (songstressakane)
at March 15th, 2006 (04:46 pm)

As the ceremonies concluded and people began to file out of the auditorium, Akane linked her arm within Shinnosuke's and stood up. Her eyes meandered around the room, scanning for that pig-tailed idiot but was unable to spot him. Gritting her teeth, she turned back to Shinnosuke, "What would you like to see first?" Akane forced a soft-smile on her face.

She lead him out of the area and into the quad, marvelling at the large expanse that was the Bushidou Academy Campus. Tall buildings, linked together by overpasses between the halls; colorful foliage decorating the walkways and around the windows; green grass and tall trees over it, providing extra space for people to sit with friends during their freetime; tables sporatically placed through the quad and beyond, all of which created a generally welcoming atmosphere for its students. Simply put: It was gorgeous. And she'd only seen the quad area; they still hadn't seen the rest of the campus. She looked to the boy next to her, increasing the smile that was on her face and waited for his answer.

[OoC: Akane's whole idea is to make Ranma jealous. So, I guess if Ranma wants to have a post or two in here, he can {By no means does he have to}. But it's just open, really, for Akane and Shinnosuke.]

[Open, but Ryouga better come in later on :O] The Quest for 107B
by Ranma Saotome (beatboxinranma)
at March 13th, 2006 (12:30 pm)

Ranma continued running out of the auditorium, looking ahead and practically frontflipping over another student. He gulped, then ran for the exit to the main building. Bursting out of it, he ran into a courtyard; and arena set into the middle of it. He rolled his eyes, then looked from left, to right. On each side of him was a building for dorms; A and B. Once he'd located B, he headed off for it, glad he'd seemed to get off Scott free.

Sighing with relief, his run slowed to a jog, then a casual walk as he took in the campus surroundings. There were already people sparring in the outside arena, with tables and chairs set out for people to read, watch, eat at, or simply hang out. Benches were occasionally placed here and there. Overall, the campus was gorgeous; green, fresh, and new. He grinned, then continued along his way. After all that trouble and Akane being such a .. ugh, he could finally relax and enjoy his first day at the academy.

Or so he thought.

[Open] Orientation.
by Ranma Saotome (beatboxinranma)
at March 9th, 2006 (05:27 pm)

current mood: bored

Ranma Saotome, a strong boy who had been to hell china and back, fought off several adversaries, and accidentally obtained a good 5 or 6 fiancees, was beat. He groaned, walking into the large auditorium of Bushidou academy. In all truth, the auditorium was set up much like a stadium would be, though halfway as large as one. He furrowed his brows, wondering what kind of matches would go on here; after all, it was way too weird looking NOT to be an arena.

Plopping down on one of the chairs, Ranma watched as the stage setup slowly wrapped up. He'd sat near the back, so that hopefully no one would notice him, and he could enjoy his first day at his new school in peace.

Yeah, right. He rolled his eyes, staying silent and unmoving. He wasn't really all that lucky, and he knew that at some point or another, one of them would pop up. Practically every fighter in Nerima'd been invited to this place. This is way weird.

Scowling, the boy sat back once more, crossing his arms and kicking his feet up onto the chair infront of him. "Peh!"

[Closed Log] A stroll around Campus.
by Yoshitoki Kaidou (principalkaidou)
at March 2nd, 2006 (05:57 am)

current mood: cheerful

Characters: Principal Kaidou
Rating: G..? XD
Summary: Principal Kaidou strolls around the school a few days before the term starts.

Traveling..Collapse )


[OOC: Alright, kids! This RP is -really- gonna get goin' once we have a decent number of players, so make sure to advertise this to your friends! We've got really big hopes for this RP, so help us bring in tons of players, please? :O Alright.. enough admin begging for now. See you guys later!]

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