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[Closed Log] A stroll around Campus.
by Yoshitoki Kaidou (principalkaidou)
at March 2nd, 2006 (05:57 am)

current mood: cheerful

Characters: Principal Kaidou
Rating: G..? XD
Summary: Principal Kaidou strolls around the school a few days before the term starts.

His creased face was covered with a gentle, wise, and cheerful smile as he browsed the halls he had help create so many years ago. Principal Yoshitoki Kaidou was a kind old man to many, though his fists were as lethal as blades, and he simply could not contain his happiness; knowing that extremely exceptional students would soon be traveling through these halls made him smile only more.

The power these children weilded.. it was amazing. Awesome, even. The things that could be built upon that power were unlimited, and with all of them in the same place..

Kaidou continued to smile. This year was going to be interesting, indeed.


[OOC: Alright, kids! This RP is -really- gonna get goin' once we have a decent number of players, so make sure to advertise this to your friends! We've got really big hopes for this RP, so help us bring in tons of players, please? :O Alright.. enough admin begging for now. See you guys later!]