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Jusenkyou Remix!

Check one, one, one, two.

Jusenkyou Remix -:- A Ranma 1/2 RPG
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Yo, welcome to Jusenkyou Remix, a brand spankin' new [and, get this, ACTIVE!] Ranma 1/2 RPG! Feel free to browse around, and be sure to apply if you see that the character you want isn't taken!

The Story

Young fighters from all over the world dream of attending Bushidou Academy, a school made especially for Martal Artists to hone, improve, and master thier skills and abilities. When Ranma and the other kids suddenly recieve acceptance letters without having applied at all, they're transferred from Furinkan to Bushidou, to live as on-campus students, as thier parents and peers are transferred over to teach and assist them. This is whack, man.

How to Join
To join, please fill out an application for whichever character you want. To check on who's taken so far, click here! If you're accepted, make sure to join the OOC community, remix_ooc.

1. No god-modding of any sort.
2. Canon Ranma 1/2 characters ONLY.
3. No flaming, 'cause yanno.. that ain't cool.
4. Take big OOC things to AIM or the OOC community.
5. Shounen-ai, Shoujo Ai and Het is all completely allowed and welcomed.
6. Anything over PG-13 should b put under a cut and have a warning on it.
7. Make sure to log all AIM RPs.
8. 3rd person community posts, 1st person on personal journals.

Kat (Ranma, Ukyou) - teh_goat_girl // AIM: Miwako In Pink
Nikki (Akane) - nikki_wright

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